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TubeBuddy Review: Best Paid YouTube Keyword Tool in 2021?

TubeBuddy Review
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TubeBuddy Review – Best Paid YouTube Keyword Tool in 2021

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that helps you do keyword research and much more for your YouTube channel. The extension has paid plans from $7.2 to $39.2 per month, depending on your needs. 


TubeBuddy  is a one-stop solution for all your YouTube things. From increasing productivity to benefiting from the data and research, you can do it all. The features have 5 major categories given below:

Productivity features help you do the advanced video embedding, personalize your repeated messages, and format commenting on your channel. It also lets you publish scheduled videos, generate thumbnails, and do much more. 

Bulk Process lets you bulk delete, edit, and copy screens and cards for your YouTube videos. Automating the entire process becomes seamless without a doubt. 

Promotion allows you to know the best time to publish videos on your YT channel. It also helps you randomly select a winner if you run a contest. You can also publish the same video on other social media platforms like Facebook. 

Data & Research helps you monitor any activity related to your brand, backup your YT channel, and understand your growth via detailed analytics. You can also grant your team members access to your TubeBuddy account. 

Video SEO does everything for which you’re here. It auto translates your titles and description, tracks your ranking, and does the video A/B testing. In addition, TubeBuddy‘s Keyword Explorer gives you topic suggestions, search volume, and much more. 

Let’s dive into the Explorer even more. 


Is TubeBuddy Worth It?

TubeBuddy is a free extension and is worth it. Many users feel that it saves them time and helps them generate successful content without the need to upgrade to Pro.

It might be slightly frustrating to have limited Keyword Explorer viewing options (only three items appear at a time outside of Pro). Still, given that it is entirely free, it’s worth installing.

TubeBuddy is also easy to cancel from the TubeBuddy website once you log in:

TubeBuddy Cancellation

To date, there have also been no security breaches reported through using TubeBuddy, and many creators use it daily to upload and manage their content. It is also YouTube certified.

The biggest drawbacks of TubeBuddy are that it only works on one channel at a time, so you’ll have to buy a subscription for multiple channels. Also, many of the features like scheduled uploads are only available with the Pro content.

The app is currently not available on Android.

How Much Do TubeBuddy Licenses Cost?

There are three packages available with TubeBuddy: Pro, Star, and Legend.

  • Pro: For $9 a month, you get access to most of the productivity and video optimization tools. You do not have the option to schedule content and complete bulk actions for large video uploads.
  • Star: For $19 a month, you’re granted access to all of the bulk processing options available for video management, like scheduling bulk uploads and managing when content publishes.
  • Legend: $49 a month grants you access to all the tools, like cross-channel SEO optimization, translation tools, and further competitor analysis.

The larger packages are only worth it if you have a large subscriber base, or are looking to make money from your channel. Non-profits, annual purchasers, and those with less than 1,000 subscribers also receive certain discounts across certain packages.

TubeBuddy‘s Keyword Explorer 

It’s an excellent keyword tool for YouTube because it helps you get the maximum information about the keywords. As a result, it helps you rank high in search results and ultimately get more views. You can also find long-tail keywords to target your audience specifically. 

tubebuddy keyword explorer

I like that it lets you discover trending tags to keep your YouTube videos relevant for a long time. So, it helps you rank high on YouTube even if you have published videos on your Channel. 

Tubebuddy pricing

Final Thought

TubeBuddy offers you a complete checklist for guaranteed YouTube growth without a doubt. It also helps you see your channel’s progress along the way. So go for it if you’re looking for a paid YouTube keyword tool to outperform on the platform. 

TubeBuddy is essentially a free upgrade for YouTube, so you can template your uploads, manage your comments, and generate SEO-friendly content ideas. For a free browser extension, it’s one of the best out there and worth checking out.

Keyword Explorer makes it completely worthwhile, and with a Pro package discount, it is worth investing in if you want to grow your channel and have less than 1,000 subscribers.

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